Courant Marin
Courant Marin comprises professional guides who are also travel lovers. These experienced guides offer in parts of Japan the ways to enjoy human-powered trips.

We offer slow, flexible and human-powered trips using seakayaks, mountain bikes and your feet as a method of transportation. We are not just moving from a point to another point, we are open to your requests depending on the condition of the day, perhaps you feel like bouldering or doing beach yoga on the way, snorkeling can be a perfect choice in summer. How you create your trip is totally up to you.

Kayaking along the coast, having a break on the secluded beach, snorkeling while at rest, chatting, or just doing nothing, we might stop over at small towns and villages, walk around, chat with locals and taste their food, these are just a few ideas of our trips.

We use a different route daily, sometimes on bicycles and river kayaks, so you'll have new discoveries on every trip. At the end of the day, if you are a big fan of hot springs "Onsen", can't miss this. And of course, the fresh local food will please you to your utmost satisfaction.
Why don't you relax and take time for slow travel using your own hands and feet? We promise you will discover many things you never had the time to appreciate. Come and enjoy wonderful time with us.


Director, Masaaki Sugimoto
Courant Marin



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